Hello and thank you for taking some of your valuable day to stop and visit my photography site. My passion for photography was forged by my overwhelming passion and desire for life. For me, life is but a short and fleeting moment in the huge infinite vastness of time. With such a small window for us to really ‘live’, it is vital to each and every one of us to experience as much as life has to offer and to absorb as much of this wonderful world as we can. For me personally, that means experiencing and remembering as many of the moments, the memories, the events that shape my life and those around me.

With such a yearning for witnessing this world and trying to give my life as much meaning as possible, I felt there was no better way to do this than photography…the medium that can speak volumes in a single picture, draw out such fierce and raw emotion and instill a moment of peace by bringing back the fondest of memories.

How many times have you looked at a picture on a shelf and lost yourself in a memory, reflected on the picture of a loved one that is no longer with us and shed a tear or passed by an amusing photo and had a nice long laugh? A photograph is a powerful thing...its a captured moment of life and being able to share my ‘moments’ or helping people to share their own 'moment’s' enriches my life and hopefully those around me.

With that said I would like to invite you to explore my site and the portfolio. Hopefully in doing so, there will be pictures within that strike an emotion, bring a smile to your face or in some way make your day a little better than it was before you logged on.

I invite and encourage you to feel free to leave comments in my guest book, contact me via the contact page or return visit as often as you wish as there will always be new content being added. Should the need arise that you need assistance in capturing a 'moment' of your life and need a photographer to help you out or if have an old memory/photo that needs some retouching in order to preserve a moment for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. And if you your current need's don’t include a photographer right now, please do keep me in mind in the future! Until that time, enjoy the site, remember to make the most of your life, live to your fullest potential and create 'your moments' to cherish!