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photo restoration - With time, environment and other factors, printed photgraphs can become faded, worn or damagec. Photo restoration technology has come a long way and sometimes a photograph can be recovered, enhanced, and/or digitized so it can be cherished for generations to come. Contact me for a quote on your restoration request; however please note, not every photograph can be saved. Each photo must be reviewed to determine if restoration is warranted or possible.

industrial product - Product photography is critical for a business image, it's brochures and website. These industrial products shots are products used in industrial vacuum and leak detection services. This shot was performed for LDS Vacuum Products, Inc. located in Longwood Florida. The company utilized over 200 scott grane photography photographs and image edits for their website and printed brochure.

tech products - The computer hard drive degausser is a key piece of equipment when needing to eradicate all information on a hard drive permanetly. This product shoot was done for Proton Data Security as part of their product offerings.
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